W1-Classmate Discussion

Wednesday was our first day of class and our first classroom conversation! I got to speak with Roy! Roy is a freshman and is majoring in polysci. I thought this was interesting because I rarely meet polysci majors but I think that learning about politics is so important. Politics affect so much of our lives and if we don’t learn about it and participate, we are giving the power we have as citizens of a democratic nation to the people that do. We also talked about our families a little bit. I learned that Roy is the youngest of three. I am the middle child, the third of four, so we discussed similarities and differences we experienced growing up as the middle child and the youngest child. I really believe that birth order can have a huge imap to on the way a child is raised and how that child develops so it’s always fascinating for me to talk about how people feel their birth order affected their childhood. Here is a picture of Roy and I below. I look forward to the next classroom discussion when I can meet another peer(:



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