Wk1-Art Activity-Everything Will Turn Out A-OK!

Our art activity this week was to create a plaster cast of our hand or foot. I didn’t have time to make it to the beach this weekend so I just make my plaster cast with my family at home. It was fun! Both my dad and sister helped out. I put my hand in a large pot and then my dad packed sand around my hand. Then I took my hand out very carefully and mixed the plaster. After that I poured the plaster into the mold my hand formed and waited…and waited…aaaannd waited. After 30 painstaking minutes we dug the plaster casts out. They actually turned out pretty cool!! I did a cast of my hand as well as a couple sea shells just for fun. The shells didn’t turn out quite as well as my hand. I really enjoyed this assignment! I was worried that the plaster cast wasn’t going to turn out.  thought maybe I messed up the mold when pulling my hand out of the sand or that the plaster would seep through the sand and wouldn’t be contained to the mold of my hand. But I was pleasantly suprised at the end when I brushed the sand of my plaster and saw that it left a really cool little piece of art. For me, this is very representative of how life can be. We often spend hours worrying that things aren’t going as planned or that we haven’t done well enough, but in the end, everything turns out fine. That’s why I think it’s perfectly appropriate that my plaster cast is of my hand depicting the “okay” symbol! 


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