Wk2-Classmate Conversation

This week I got to talk with Zavion! He sat down next to me at the beginning of class and I noticed right away that he had a very positive energy! There were many things that impressed me about Zavion. The first is that he lives near Riverside and drives all the way to Long Beach to go to school. It’s hard enough for me to get to class on time and I only like 15 minutes away!! Haha but in all seriousness, that’s shows real determination and dedication. The second thing that impressed me was that Zavion is pursuing a career in dancing! I know that dancing can be a hard career to make a living in but Zavion seems passionate about it and I admire anyone who goes after what they are passionate about despite knowing that it will be difficult. Zavion said he goes out to auditions frequently, which I know first handedly how nerve racking auditions can be so I admire him for that! I had a great conversation with Zavion and look forward to my next classmate conversation(:




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