Wk 4- Art Activity- Art Care Package

I decided to send my art care package to a friends from 5th grade. When I was in 5th grade, I was living in Australia. My dad works for Boeing and got relocated there for a year and a half so my family and I moved with him. I made lots of good friends during that year and a half, but we grew apart after I moved back to the US. We tried to stay in touch for a couple years after I moved back. We emailed each other (since facebook wasn’t a thing yet) and even wrote each other letters or sent packages every once in a while. I was excited to do this project because it gave me a chance to reconnect with my best friend while I was living there, Caitlyn. The picture below shows the contents of what I sent her, which are all memorabilia from when I lived in Australia or something of significance to our relationship. 


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