Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Jenny Cho

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Jenny Cho
Exhibition: In Process
Media: Painting and Drawing
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Instagram: @cxthxdx_gxrl

About the Artist

Jenny Cho is attending CSULB to relieve her BFA in Drawing and Paiting. Cho said she didn’t really get into art more recently.  She explained that she had always played music but art is something that she picked up later in life and once she realized she had such a passion for it, she knew she had to do something in art for the rest of her life. Looking at her work, you would never be able to tell that she’s relatively new to this. In talking to  Cho, I realized is extremely bubbly, vivacious and bold and this is definitely reflected in her artworks.

Each work of art in Cho’s exhibit was very different from the previous one. A common theme among her pieces were that Main were made on pieces of wood. Cho explained that she likes to let the wood grain speak for itself; she utilizes the shapes in the grain to make her pieces. The messages is Cho’s work are just as beautiful as the pieces themselves. Cho’s exhibit starts with pieces that explore gender identity, a self portrait, followed by pieces that explore feminity, and what it means to be feminine.

One of my favorite pieces by Cho was “Can You See Him?” Cho put many items representing a boy struggling with his gender identity, and masked the articles by covering the piece with nylon. As Cho explained, the nylon hides the image to an extent, but is still somewhat see through. This is representative of the boy depicted in her piece that is struggling with gender identity. He tries to hide his desire to be a girl and hide who he really is, but you can only hide who you are so much. Cho was inspired by a book she found entitled “Fairly Tales for Girls”. Cho incorporated experts from the story book into the piece, but crossed off and female indicators, such as she and her, and replaced the with male indicators, such as he and him. I really enjoyed Cho’s work and appreciate how much detail and thought she put into all of her work.


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