Wk 5- Artis Conversation- Yeri Hwang

Exhibits Information
Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Mixed Media
Gallery: Gatov West
Instagram: N/A
Website: N/A

Hwang is currently in her fourth year at CSULB. She plans to graduate this year with a bachelors degree in Studio Art. Hwang was an animation major before she switched to studio art to “broaden her horizons”. Hwang said she felt as though animation limited her and she decided to switch to a major that allowed her to experiment with different types of art. Hwang said she really loves doing electronic art, as is reflected in her exhibit “Within Us”. Most of the pieces in her exhibit have some type of electrical component.

Hwang’s exhibit was a wonderful, thought provoking, exhibit that addresses the human journey and the problems we as humans meet along the way. All of Hwang’s pieces were interactive in some way. Each piece had instructions beside it and a captivating explanation of the piece that leave the viewer asking more questions and wanting to know more about the piece. 

One of my favorite pieces in Hwang’s exhibit was entitled “Destination and Myster”. This piece had a little desk that you could sit at in front of a window with drawn blinds. Behind the blinds stood a small white house sitting atop some cotton that looked like clouds. The description next to the piece read “We are in a constant search, for somewhere to be, something to do, someone to become. We progress for our story for our unknown destination where mystery awaits.” There was a button that the viewer could press that released smoke behind the window, encircling the house. This piece made me think a lot. When I asked Hwang to explain her thought process behind the piece, she said that it represents the mystery of not knowing how our life will end up. The fog represent this mystery. We often get caught up working towards a goal, such as earning a college degree or working towards a job promotion, without really knowing what attaining that goal will look like, but every once in a while, we get a little glimpse through the fog and see where we are going. 

Another piece that really spoke to me was titled “Progression”. This piece featured a light bulb behind gears made up of different colored lenses. The light bulb behind the lenses projected a rainbow of colors onto the white wall in front of it. The viewer could turn these gears to shift the colors. The description next to the piece read “The world is looking forward to your journey. Please gently rotate the switches and guide the light where you wish it to be.” Upon explaining this piece, Hwang said that the lenses represent the lenses through which we see the world. Everyone has different lenses, different perspectives on the world that are shaped by experiences we have had. These lenses through which we see the world create the reality in which we live. 

I really enjoyed Hwang’s exhibit. I loved that the pieces were interactive, because it encouraged the viewer to sit with the piece for longer and really ponder its meaning. Hwang’s talent was really showcased in her exhibit, which encorperated painting, sculpture, and electronic art. When asked how it felt having all of her art on display, Hwang said “Its scary, it feels vulnerable.” I can completely understand why, as Hwang’s exhibit addressed the experiences we as humans face through Hwang’s eyes, and therefore largely represent the experiences and challenges she has faced throughout her life. I am certainly glad that Hwang had the courage to share her art and hope that she continues to do so because she has a lot to share with the world.


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