Wk 6- Artist Conversation

Talk to Strangers

Ariel Maldonado


Approximately 14″ x 12″


CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East



Once upon a time, there was a black snake named Sam who lived in a town named Westchester with 500 other black snakes. All of the snakes in Westchester were practically the same in every regard and being different in any way was simply not heard of. Sam lived his life feeling like he was different from everyone else in his town. See, Sam felt music in his soul and had a strange urge to move his body, what we might refer to as dancing. But in his Westchester, nobody danced. They didn’t even know what dance was.

Sam told his mother how he was feeling, to which she said “Shhh Sam, there will be no more talk about being different.” So Sam obeyed his mother, and lived a sad life, repressing his true love for dance. But there came a time when Sam could no longer hold back his true passion. On his 20th birthday, Sam decided to have a huge birthday party. He invited everyone from the town. When everyone had arrived, Sam got everyone’s attention and said that he had an announcement to make. He turned on some music and with everyone watching, all of his friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers, and family members, he did something no one had ever dared to do. He began to dance. Everyone was astonished. They could not believe that someone was daring to be different!

As Sam danced, his body began to change color. With every move he took, another color was added to his body. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue pink…the crowd watch in astonishment while all of this happened. Then something strange happened. The crowd began to dance too! All the spectators saw how much fun Sam was having and how beautiful dancing was making him-they all wanted to experience it as well! And they did! And, before long, everyone in the town was rainbow, just like Sam! And after that day, everyone lived happily and colorfully for the rest of their lives!


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