Wk 6- Art Experience-Zines

So I’m a terrible drawer so I was very intimidated when I first saw this assignment. But then I looked at some different zines and read the assignment and realized I didn’t have to draw anything and began to get exciting thinking about what I was going to put in my zine. I decided on paint chips. I love color and love walking down the paint chip aisle at hardware stores. One of the kids I babysit has a book of colors that just has a page for every color that has lots of different shades of each color. It’s her favorite book, she’ll stare at it for hours and it kind of inspired me for this project. I went to Home Depot and picked up a ton of paint chips, and I mean a TON of paint chips. Like I walked out of Home Depot feeling like I had just robbed them. Then I cut the paint chips up into squares and put them into my zine. Here’s the final product!


4 thoughts on “Wk 6- Art Experience-Zines

    1. Shoot, sorry!! I had poor internet connection when posting so it must’ve kept the pictures from uploading🙁 It may be too late for my grade but I’ve uploaded the pictures of my zine anyways, in case you want to take a look!


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