Wk 7-Classmate Conversation

This week I got to have a conversation with not one, but three classmates! It was getting towards the end of our time at the galleries and I still hadn’t found a classmate to do my conversation with when I saw a group of three girls. I asked if they had all found partners yet and hey said they had decided to be a group of three since everyone else already seemed to be paired up and were nice enough to let me join! In my group was Grace, Alicia and Bailey. We didn’t have all that much time to talk but I learned a little bit about each of the girls in the time that we did have!

Grace is a freshman this year. She’s from Irvine and commutes, as does Bailee so the three of us were able to bond over the horrible traffic of the 405. Grace is a speech major.

Alicia is from Temecula and is a second year. She lived in the dorms freshman year and is now living in an apartment in Long Beach. She’s a psych major and isn’t sure what she wants to do yet. I think psychology can be helpful for many fields and she still has a couple years to figure it out so I have no doubt she’ll be able to find something she loves!

Bailey is also a second year. She commutes from Lake Forest. She’s a marine biology major! She just started voulenteering at the marine biology lab here at CSULB which seems awesome!!

All three of the girls were very nice and I’m grateful that they allowed me to join their group! I’m sure I’ll chat with them again sometime this semester(:


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