Wk 10- Art Activity- The Wedge

Although the wedge in front of the USU has been a part of the student experience at CSULB, it’s time for it to go. It’s unnecessary and just gets in the way. I have two different proposed solutions to fix the traffic issue. However, I am not a structural engineer so I don’t know if any of these solutions would actually work, but I will discuss them anyways and leave it to the experts to sort out the logistics. 

Solution #1:

The most obvious solution would be just to knock the obstruction down. See diagram below. 

But I have a feeling the wedge is there for some type of structural reason, and therefore, knocking it down would not be an option. So that leads to solution #2.
Solution #2:

My second proposed solution would be to move the wedge. See the diagram below 

For this solution, one of the benches would have to be knocked out and then the wedge could be placed where the bench used to be and the gaps in between would be filled, in order to avoid creating another traffic flow issue. This would create a much opener path for traffic.


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