Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Media: Ceramic
Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Instagrams: @artbywaters
      For this weeks artist conversation I talked to Brittany waters. Brittany is a senior at CSULB, majoring in ceramics. After graduating this May, Waters hopes to get her masters in Oregon or somewhere on the west coast. Waters got her AA in studio art and has tried lots of mediums aside from ceramics, but finds that ceramics is her favorite. She feels that it’s only when she has clay in her hands that she can really express herself and create what she wants to create.

      Waters instillation #MoreThanASandBox features 118 hand made ceramic turtles in a room filled with sand, emulating a beach. Waters says the turtles took her approximately 3 hours each from start to finish, adding up to somewhere around 350 hours. Waters was inspired by her first trip to the beach, which, ironically, was in Hawaii, despite the fact that Waters grew up in California. She noticed how different the beaches were in Hawaii when compared to Long Beach beaches. The beaches in Long Beach are highly commercialized and Waters feels as though you can’t really connect with nature at these beaches. Due to the commercializations of the beaches in Long Beach, turtles are no longer able to nest here as a result of all of the noise and light pollution and waste. Waters hopes that her exhibit can bring some attention to this issue. 

      Waters instillation was a beautiful and eye opening experience. 


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