Wk 12- Art Activity-Ethnography 

For my night without electricity, I got a couple activities ready to preoccupy my time. I bought a puzzle that I worked on with my sister and my mom. I hadn’t done a puzzle since I was a kid and bought a 1,500 piece one, having absolutely no idea how hard it was going to be. We worked on it for a little over an hour and got all of the edges done before throwing in the towel. We plan to continue working on it throughout the week!

After we got sick of working on the puzzle, I grabbed some sheets of lyrics/chords to some songs I had printed out and played the piano and sang. I used to play daily but haven’t spent much time playing lately with the stress of working and college so it was really nice to sit down and play. I did that for about 2 hours and by then it was only 10 and I’m never tired until around midnight so I had some more time to kill.

I went into my sisters room and asked to borrow a book. She has a huge library and I decided on a book of poems. I used to love love love to read but that hobby was kind of put on the back burner once Netflix was invited so I really like that this activity forced me to turn of the screen and open up a book that wasn’t a text book. 

After I finished the book I was actually feeling pretty tired so I went to sleep.

I really enjoyed my night without any electricity. It forced me to do things I normally wouldn’t do since I’m so preoccupied with social media/TV/internet and it was really nice to do some of my old hobbies. I also really enjoyed not having to worry about texting people back. That was probably my favorite part about this activity, was not feeling like I had to be checking my texts and emails and respond to people. It was very freeing!


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