Wk 12-Artist Converations- Priscilla and Eliza

or this weeks classmate conversation I talked to Priscilla and Eliza. I had had many conversations with Pricisilla this semester so I really enjoyed doing my classmate conversation with her because it allowed to learn some things about her that I didn’t know. I knew that she was going to be attending nursing school next year but I didn’t know her motivation behind her wanting to become a nurse. In high school, she was diagnosed with leukemia and she feels that the nurses at the hospital were really key to her recovery. She wants to be able to do that for someone some day. I think that is very admirable. Eliza is a freshman and is majoring in 

fashion merchandising. She came into CSULB as a music major but she plays the euphonium and there weren’t many opportunities to play. So she decided to change her major. Eliza is originally from Sacramento and likes to go swing dancing with her boyfriend when she has the time! 
I really enjoyed talking to both Priscilla and Eliza!




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