Wk 14- Art Activity- Sketching in the Garden

Not going to lie, this weeks art activity was pretty stressful for me haha. I never sketch and therefore am terrible at it. During my conversation with Glenn this week, he compared sketching to learning how to play basketball. The first time you pick up the ball, you’re terrible and it takes hundreds of hours of practice to become good at it. Sketching is similar in that if you never sketch, you won’t be good at it. You have to sketch a lot in order to have some skill. But I kept with it and tried to just have some fun and not worry so much about how good it looked, but rather focus on just creating. Towards the end I was a little looser with it and was enjoying myself a little more. Here are a few of my 30 second sketches (which to be honest were more like 3 minute sketches because I was trying too hard, whoops)Next came the abstract and representation sketches. I did these at home because I ran out of time and was a little hesitant to get started. I didn’t really have any idea where to start. But then my little sister gave me some pretty good advice, she said abstract is the easiest art to create because it literally can look like anything. With that in mind I got drawing and had a little fun with it. Here’s a few sketches of what I came up with. 
The first is a drawing of the lilypads and the second is a drawing of a tree. 

Although this assignment was a little tough for me it taught me to not stress about having to be the best. I hate doing things I’m not good at which really prevents me from trying new things. After this activity, I’ll definitely do some sketch occasionally and not be so afraid to be bad at things.


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